old pal cartridge review

Old Pal Cartridge Review: Best Potency for The Price

Here we check out the Old Pal cartridge. This cart is low cost, but still has effective THC oil and makes a great vape cart.
south carts

South Carts Vape Cartridges Are Spreading

More fake cartridges exposed. South Cart cartridges are finding their way across the country and you should know what you are getting.

Warning : Cali Carts Appear Fake

What is a Cali Cart and where does it come from? We investigate and discover it almost certainly has nothing to do with the Cali Plug brand name.

Timeless Vapes Review: Decent Taste and OK High

Timeless Vapes fill their cartridges ?with high quality THC oil from premium medical grade flower. Originally from Arizona, Timeless Vapes handcrafts the flavor profile...
cbdMD Bath Bomb

cbdMD Bath Bomb Review – Total Relaxation

Check out our review of the cbdMD bath bomb to see if this $10 bath bomb is really worth it.
Cookies cartridge review

Cookies Cartridge Review: Decent, Not Great

The Cookies cartridge just did not live up to the hype. It's not a bad cartridge, but just not a great one either.


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